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Scarf knitted by JoAn Reynolds, using yarn from Niki.Alpaca fiber is very soft and supple and is heavy in comparison to wool. The fiber gets dramatically heavier as the micron count increases. Eric Hoffman, author of The Complete Alpaca Book, observes that “when it comes to alpaca, the subjective qualities are what separates it from sheep and almost all other natural-fiber animals.”

The Blue Faced Leicester fiber is fine, silky, lustrous, and long wool. It is tightly purled in the sense of a fine cord of twisted fibers. Blue Faced Leicester fleece makes a versatile wool. It’s fine enough not to be scratchy; durable enough to wear well, and blends well with other fibers. The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook. North Adams: Storey, 2011. Print.

Combining our Blue Faced Leicester fleece with our Alpaca fiber allows garments to have the softness of alpaca fiber with the elasticity of wool, without giving up any of the softness or sheen of either fiber. It’s the perfect blend!


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